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May 9, 2014
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December 10, 2015

Pamirs: Roof of the World

The spectacular mountainous terrain of the Pamirs allows you to touch the sky!  With majestic mountains that stand more than 5,000 metres tall and with most of the highest peaks of the former Soviet Union situated here, the Pamirs is what all trekkers, mountaineers, adventure-seekers and nature lovers dream about.  The Tajik National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covers much of the Pamirs.

One can embark on an epic journey along the Pamir Highway (also known as M41) where legacies of history have been left behind.  Marco Polo travelled along this route.  This route was also a part of the original Silk Road.  At present, travellers can stumble upon hot springs, rare species, botanical gardens, 4th century Buddhist stupas, glimpses of Afghanistan across the border and much more, while encountering unforgettable people and witnessing breathtaking landscapes.  Visitors can expect to leave the Pamirs with indelible memories that will become legendary stories of their own