November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017


MUHRAREZI is a craft of using and ornamenting glass beads and beads for producing women’s decorations.

ZEBI GARDAN is a kind of women’s decoration that is also known under the names muhrai kardan, gulubandak etc. In Rasht valley, Kulob, and Zeravshan, it is called khafaband, guluband; in Upper Karotegin, Mastchoh – kenjak; in Darvoz – kashelak; and in Badakhshan – semak, corals, ‘sewing corals”. In the antiquity, zebi gardan was produced from gold or silver coins and precious beads therefore the adornment was worn by rich women.  At the end of the XIX – the start of the XX centuries, zebi gardan was produced from king coins and the coins of the start of Soviet power. The form of zebi gardan was so that one line of beads fitted to a neck, and further, the second, third, and other ones reached a breast and were in the pose hanging.  At the end of the adornment, there was a coulomb.
      In Kulob valley, the production of zebi kardan made from bukharian coins (gold or silver) was particular popular, what is in demand at the present time. Before, zebi kardan was made from real corals, and today, it is also made from artificial industrial ones.
      Many-colored and black-and-white glass bead in 7 – 10 lines, to a large extent, is used for zebi kardan in glass beads. They become to be look like sheroza or another beautiful ornament. In Kulob, Rasht, Varzob, and Karatag, there is a silver zebi kardan that is also called zareh or tavq.

KHAFABAND – khafabandak – is one of the kinds of women’s neck adornments. First of all, khafaband was produced, to a large extent, from such sorts of bead as gardi khazina, marjohni surkhi maida, and sometimes from silver by laced way.  Khafabands are distinguished from other in the location of flowers and a flower decoration. The drawings of khafaband are decorated in the form of little rhombs, quadrangles, triangles, and pentagons. Khafaband was made in 4 – 6 lines for girls, and in 6 – 10 lines – for women. The width of khafaband is usual 2 – 4 sm.