November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017


NABOT/NABOTMAZI is one of the kinds of national candies of yellowish color as well as representing the craft of producing glassy crystals.
      The producing way is the following: two parts of sugar and one part of water are put into a cauldron and are boiled on a very slow fire. Syrup is formed from them. Syrup is stirred and boiled till foam appears, then the foam is put off.  A chicken egg is added into the syrup, the syrup continues being boiled, and appearing foam is constantly put off. Then, in special cauldron, 3 – 4 ranges of threads are parallel tightened, gluing the ends of the threads to the cauldron.  These threads are poured with syrup boiling. In an hour, a thin layer appears on the syrup. Cauldron is shut with a special lid. In this condition, the cauldron is left for three days. For this time, crystals are formed around the threads, which gradually will be increased for account of the parts newly added to them. Crystallized ingots are put in the dish to be dried. It is it that nabot is. Another content of cauldron is also used – the crystals adhered to its walls are also nabot (but in another form), and the remained candy on the bottom of cauldron is used in culinary.
      A caloric value of nabot is very high. To a large extent, nabot is used by parturient women.  Many people drink a nabot-tea in the Ramadan month. Nabot gives a power to a person.