November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017


 NA’LBANDI is one of kinds of blacksmith’s work, ancient craft of shoeing saddle-animals.
      The way of producing shoe and shoeing is the following:  a blacksmith’s oven is heated with coal then usual iron is put into the fire of hot oven. After making red-hot, it is taken with special tools out of the oven and further it is given the form of shoe. Shoeing is also implemented by heating a ready shoe till it becomes to be red; it is choked with nails into the horse-hoof.
      A horse is shoed in order it could not slip.
      Firstly, shoes are choked into front horse-hoofs, then – into back ones. The process of shoeing is complicated, requiring a big mastery. It needs to be implemented quickly and very accurately. The craftsman na’lband knows how to prepare a horse to shoeing and where nails must be choked by him. Otherwise, a horse can be turned into invalid.