November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017


NISHOLLO/NISHOLLOPAZI is the craft of producing nishollo, one of kinds of traditional candies.
      The producing way is the following: in enamel ware, sugar and water are boiled, syrup is cooked and cooled.
      Beh, the root of wild mountainous plant, is washed and cleaned, and then it is boiled in water. After starting boiling and appearing itself beh on the surface of water, this water is filtered and poured into cauldron (or enamel pan), cooled, egg-whites are added and whipped with chilchub till solid foam is formed. Then the prepared syrup is gradually poured there, continuing being whipping all time. Lemon acid and vanillin are added for taste. The color of ready nishollo is white, and its consistence is solid and smooth.
      For 0,5 kg. sugar – 0,5 l. water, one teaspoon of lemon acid and vanillin, egg-whites of two eggs, and 20 g. beh.
      Nishollo is used for weddings and other traditional celebrations.