November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017


PARVARDA/PECHAK/ORDAK is one of kinds of traditional candies. It has the form of small squares, white color, sometimes is dyed in stripe.
      The producing way is the following: sugar is boiled in water till solid syrup appears, but while boiling lemon acid is added a little. Then, the syrup is put in copper or enamel ware, covered with vegetable oil, and this ware is put in water bath (into a large cauldron with water), cooled, turning it in water constantly. While turning, the syrup increases and is stuck to the ware’s edges, therefore the syrup is constantly gathered in the middle and turned up. While the syrup is cooled, little wheat dough is added to it and rolled. Then it is given the form of elongate rolled ball, and it is whipped and turned around a special axis.  When the syrup fully becomes to be white, it is kneaded with dough like zuvola. And after that, it is given elongate form of small size, which is cut for small pieces. Then, the pieces are again poured with dough and put in ware, which is warmly covered with kurpacha for several hours. And after the time had expired only, each piece is put out of ware, cleaning it from dough.
      Ingredients for 1 kg. of  parvarda/ordak/pechak: 0,5 kg. dough, 5 glasses of sugary sand, 1 glass of water, and 1 teaspoon of solved lemon acid.