November 13, 2017
November 13, 2017


SANDUQSOZI is the craft of producing chests, thing of life, having the form of square. It is used to keep cloths, decorations, and other jewelry; things of life were kept in other chests. There were wooden chests without decorations as well as with sizes more than the above-noted to keep wheat.
      Sanduqsozi is a widely-demanded artistic craft. In the life of Tajik, chest fulfils two functions: as casket, where clothes, jewelry, and others; and as, in its sense, supporter, where kurpa and kurpacha were put. In its turn, the folded kurpa and kurpacha adorn an internal design of house thereby.
      Sanduq is especially used in wedding preparations. Tajik fiancées must have 1 – 2 large chests and 1 small one. And while wedding ceremonies, they put their kurpa, kurpacha, and pillows on the chests for public view.
      Historically, skin chests had appeared initially, then wooden and metal ones appeared. A frontal part of chest is decorated colorfully. Metal handles are attached to two sides of chest in order it can be moved. Chest has four legs and stands for 5 – 6 sm. over the floor.
      The bazaars of Khujand, Khulbuk, Khatlon, Samarqand, Bukhara, Istarvshan, Karatoga, and Hissar were famous for their chests before. At the present time, there are also the ranges of chest sellers in bazaars.
      The varieties of chests shashgushak, khashtgushak, kuchkorak, naizador, and bodomcha are magnificent samples of applied art. In Tajikistan, special manufactures also function to produce chests.
      The craft sanduqsozi is also a family craft to many masters. Each master has his own secrets in this matter. This draft is in the life style of all regions of country. Each district decorates a chest in its style. Recently, the design of chests has changed mostly. The style kandakori became to be used instead of painting.