About the commettee

The State Committee of Tourism of the Republic of Tajikistanis the central executive agency of the country in the sectors of youth, sports and tourism and responsible for the formulation of a consistent national policy and a legal frame in this areas.

It’s Tasks

1. The Committee works in the context of the constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, different constitutional laws, among them “The Law on Tourism of the Republic of Tajikistan” and parliamentary and presidential decrees referring to its sector of responsibility.

2. The Committee executes its function in collaboration with other central agencies of the executive, government authorities and public organization.

It’s commitment in terms of Tourism

The Committee of Tourism under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan is committed to providing the best possible working conditions for all stakeholders active in the tourism sector. To do so, the Committee seeks to coordinate the dialogue between public and private stakeholders to ensure a balance of interests that will benefit all stakeholders. The Committee also drafts decrees and laws in the interest of the tourism sector and promotes these drafts in the Parliament and with the Government. The Committee promotes the development of tourism products and tourism infrastructure in the country. The Committee also promotes the destination regionally and internationally with informational material and at travel trade shows. The Committee welcomes each and every tourist to sunny Tajikistan.


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The Committee Tourism under the Government of Republic of Tajikistan, 6, Sportivnaya Str., Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734025